Freitag, 25. April 2014

Linux Mint gedit Problem

The following packages have unmet dependencies: gedit-plugins : Depends: gedit (>= 3.8) but 2.30.5+petra is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. apt purge gedit gedit-common apt install gedit/saucy gedit-common/saucy Source:

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

ORA-01007: variable not in select list

the Problem was a DB-Link has been recreated and the Objects on that Schema had not been recompiled. SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; DECLARE c SYS_REFCURSOR; s_dummy VARCHAR2 (1); s_dummy_culprit VARCHAR2 (1); BEGIN OPEN c FOR 'select dummy from dual'; FETCH c INTO s_dummy, s_dummy_culprit; --<== here is the problem CLOSE c; END; /