Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

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unrar all files in a directory

Ohne Passwort
  nohup find . -regex \.\*part[0]?[0]?1.rar -exec unrar x -inul {} \; & 

Mit Passwort
  nohup find . -regex \.\*part[0]?[0]?1.rar -exec unrar x -inul -pPASSWORD {} \; &

Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

pyLoad@nas doesn't unpack after download

be shure that you have installed unrar and unzip

then go into /bin

cd /bin

find the location of unrar an unzip:

find / -iname unrar
find / -iname unzip

now create two symlink:

ln -s /opt/bin/unrar
ln -s /opt/bin/unzip

Now pyLoad should extract after finish downloading a package

PL/SQL Generate Range of number

I had the problem to select a number field with leading blanks.. this is my solution:

             LEVEL + doc_num_from - 1
            ,' '
         AS rnum
CONNECT BY LEVEL < doc_num_to - doc_num_from + 2